Bangalore International Mediation,
Arbitration And Conciliation Centre

The Centre

Bangalore International Mediation, Arbitration, and Conciliation Centre (BIMACC) has been promoted as an independent institutional alternative dispute resolution Centre by like-minded jurists and industrialists and has also been recognised by UNCITRAL. The aim of the BIMACC is to provide facilities to have international as well as domestic mediation, arbitration and conciliation proceedings to resolve all types of disputes.

Alternative dispute resolution has been much spoken about in recent years. It has become an unfortunate trend to blame the judiciary for all evils of delay in justice administration. In a democratic society like India, which is the 2nd most populated nation in the world, with literacy rate sharply increasing, the citizens are now aware of legal and statutory rights. The divide between rich and poor, demand and supply has given rise to lots of conflicts and disputes. Unfortunately, the state support for dispute resolution is found wanting and a comparative table between U.S.A. and India would reveal that the judicial system in India is unnecessarily maligned.

In early 1970's, the U.S.A. also faced a similar situation where justice administration slowed down with Courts complaining of docket explosion. People started losing faith in the system and turned to extra judicial mechanisms to resolve disputes. At the Roscoe Pound Conference in 1977, the American Bar Association took the initiative and got the civil code amended by including mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism in addition to arbitration. Today, more than 90% of disputes are resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution and a substantial number of cases are resolved by mediation and conciliation.

BIMACC offers structural Alternative Dispute Resolution options in a very systematic manner. It has its own panel of quality mediators, arbitrators, conciliators who are well versed in various aspects of corporate, technical and Intellectual property matters. The Centre provides state of art facilities, including several arbitration and mediation rooms, arbitration tribunals, Courts, lounge for parties, parties' secretarial support with high speed internet connections with video conferencing. BIMACC has been established with the following objects:

  • To promote India as a neutral venue for international arbitration and mediation with simple but efficient rules
  • To provide disputants in India state of art facilities for domestic as well as international arbitration and mediation
  • To introduce the concept of institutional neutral evaluation – the first of its kind in India or perhaps in Asia
  • To promote conflict management programmes to address conflicts relating to workplaces, family, social and community
  • To impart training in international arbitration, mediation, conciliation, neutral evaluation and conflict management

BIMACC endeavors to empanel the best of international and domestic arbitrators, mediators and neutral persons around the world and to promote appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms. BIMACC would promote public faith in the judicial system and rule of law and intends to dissuade disputants from resorting to extra-legal or illegal methods to resolve disputes.

Commercials, Corporates, industrialists, trading houses, individuals, Law firms, Chartered Accountant firms, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries, Individual Lawyers and organizations would immensely benefit.

BIMACC's dispute resolution work is overseen and controlled by a governing body headed by its President, who is a former retired Judge of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, former Chief Justice of Hon'ble High Court and several representatives from legal, accounting, scientific and industrial fields. The executive functions are managed by an executive Secretary.