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Neutral Evaluation

Neutral Evaluation is an extremely confidential process where the counsels or the parties would seek opinion from neutral evaluators about the merits and demerits of any legal issue or litigation.

Persons seeking evaluation may furnish a note accompanied by pleadings and documents of any evidentiary value to BIMACC. They may blank out particulars that may reveal the identity of the parties, wherever necessary, for the sake of confidentiality.

Neutral Evaluators (NE) are persons who are experienced jurists and domain experts. They are neutrals and independent and would not have any interest with the parties to any concerned dispute or now will they have any interest in the subject matter of the dispute.

The registry may refer the matter for evaluation to an appropriate NE, who has no conflict of interest. Before referring the matter, the Registry will inform the concerned party by naming the NE and his or her fee structure and seek the consent of the concerned party. If for any reason, the party seeks a change of NE, the Registry may endeavor to find another suitable NE.

On referral, the NE will examine the information furnished and if necessary may seek more information from the referring party, to render better opinion.

Once a matter is referred to a NE, the NE shall not in any capacity advice or render any service to the parties to the disputes for a minimum period of three years from the date of such referral.